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Magnolia's Underdecks have been successfully installed

in the greater Atlanta Metro Area since 2002.

We offer DIY kits nationwide

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The Advantages of the Magnolia Underdeck System


We can deliver a Seamless gutter up to 54 feet in length. Gutters first develop leaks where pieces are joined.

We increase the life of the gutter by coating the inside with a zinc compound.

Our panels are individually removable. No adjacent panels need to be disturbed.

All of our components are 100% Aluminum.

We offer beadboard effect panels, but do not offer woodgrain or other embossed textured panels as they do not drain effectively.

We use adjustable hangers for our long panels. They are useful in the event that the deck above should sag. We can remove

low spots that would develop from this.

All of our flashing is Aluminum for greatest durability. There is a "peel and stick" roofing product in use. We found it failed

in the long term as an underdeck application.

We install an overflow box with all our Magnolia installations. It eliminates the possibility of water accumulating on

our ceiliing panels in the event the downspout becomes clogged.

When our gutters surround the underdeck for a crown molding effec, only one seamless gutter is functional. The

others are dry. Functional gutters that are joined at the corners tend to leak at the seams.

Our material is available in 28 Colors.

Most underdeck ceilings will eventually need to be cleaned out. We offer a cleanout service.

There are no panel support devices that rest across the panels. They tend to collect trash.

The components in our system are designed exclusively for use in our underdeck and we are the exclusive manufacturer.

We do use standard 5" gutters that we manufacture, and we purchase standard downspouts and openings.

Our system reaches to the outside of the support posts. Some other sytems reach only to the inside of the posts.

Take some time to view our Underdeck installation videos. We think it will be helpful.

Even if you don't plan on doing it yourself, the few minutes you spend will give you a clear idea of what is

involved in an effective underdeck drain system.

Magnolia Under Deck Ceiling Installation Instruction. Determine Level and Pitch, Install Skirt Boards Magnolia Outdoor Living, Install Perimeter Hardware, Gutter, Gutter trim, Wall Channels. Corner Boxex Magnolia Outdoor Living Installation Video. Install Ceiling Panels

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