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Waterproof Underdeck ceilings are recognized as an effective, cost efficient way  to enlarge the living and recreation areas of homes. Magnolia Outdoor Living has developed a system that will open the path for you into this profitable home improvement niche. Be a part of this rapidly growing market now! You already have the tools. You already have the people. You already have the skills. We have the best Under Deck Kit available. This is an unbeatable combination.


If you need to get into a Magnolia installation, simply remove any panel that’s not attached to a fan or light, make your correction and snap the panel back into place. It’s that quick. The ease of removing a panel allows your customer to add enhancements not in his original plans, such as additional wiring for lights, or a gas line for a grill. Respond quickly and efficiently to your customers’ needs. It does wonders for your bottom line.

The Magnolia Under Deck System does not require flashing.

In an ordinary installation flashing is not needed. There are unusual shapes where water might not fall directly onto our system. In that case, simply install a piece of flashing to redirect moisture from that single area.

Magnolia Under Deck’s System is independent of the deck floor above.

Commonly the pitch is determined by attaching spacers from the panels to the joists. These spacers are of increasing length to adjust the pitch toward the gutter. This method assumes that the deck above is level, and that the floor does not sag. Any sags in the floor will be mirrored in the ceiling below. The ceiling cannot drain completely. Water will pool. The debris that reaches that pool will become waterlogged, sink and will accumulate to the point of causing leaks, or worse, collapse. Improper drainage is the death of an underdeck ceiling.

Magnolia's method is to establish a true level line around the perimeter, then calculate the proper pitch. The system is then attached to the perimeter without regard to the levelness of the deck above. Where there is no pooling of water, whatever debris that lands on the panel dries out between showers,and floats away during the next rainfall. Adjustable latches provide interior support, if needed, rather than spacers of fixed length.

Magnolia Under Deck System’s “Free Flow Design” has no interior supports.

Our System relies on the interlocking design of the ceiling panels, with wall channels and a gutter at the perimeter of the Under Deck for support. This means that there is no obstruction to the flow of water and debris down the ceiling panels to the gutter.

Magnolia Under Deck’s System incorporates a pitch into the gutter for the most effective drainage.

All systems rely on sloping panels for drainage. Not all systems can provide a pitch to the gutter. Those that do use a pitched gutter further increase the efficiency of the drainage to the downspout.

Our panels present a smooth, flat finished appearance.

We also offer an optional beadedboard effect with "beads" of 2 inches or 3.5 inches

Aluminum Construction is superior.

Aluminum is light and strong. It will not rust, nor will it become brittle with exposure to the elements.We Offer 28 colors that will enhance any decor.

The Magnolia Under Deck System  is simple to install.

The contractor installs the perimeter, snaps the panels into place and goes home. Yes, there are more details, but the gutter and wall channels comprise the perimeter. All that’s left are the panels and the accessories attached to them.

The Magnolia Under Deck System is simple to order.

• Measure the area to be protected.
• Sketch it. Include bay windows, non rectangular shapes and support posts.
• Fax or e-mail your sketch to us. We will call to start your planning with you.

Increase your profits with no expensive re-tooling.

You already own the tools required for the kit installation. You can carry them in a tool bag with one hand and answer your phone with the other.

Increase your your profits without expansion of your work force.

You already have the personnel in place. The installation is mostly single-handed. A helper is useful, if only to hold the other end. An experienced helper can speed the process dramatically.

Increase your your profits with the skills you already possess.

• Attention to detail makes the installation smooth and effective.

• The ability to communicate effectively with your customers opens a positive relationship that will increase the market for your services.

• There are no special techniques to be learned about tool use or material manipulation. Every part is included in the Kit. There is nothing else to buy. A detailed instruction manual and video is included with your Kit purchase.

For additional support, we have experienced installers available Seven Days a Week to handle your calls.

Now you are ready to go. You have a product that is attractive, affordable and desirable, simple and efficient to install and readily serviceable. Call for an appointment to discuss further details

(voice) 1-770-309-3999
(fax requires 1+) 1-404-529-4030

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