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No other underdeck kit offers these design advantages.

Our panels are individually removable. No adjacent panels need to be disturbed. This feature is indispensable for future maintenance and service.

The Installation procedure calls for a level line to be established. This line guides the pitch of the Magnolia Ceiling. Deck floors may be out of level, or they may sag.

Some other systems use spacers of increasing length to determine the fall of the panels.Low spots on are reflected in the level of the panels. Water can pool in the low spots and debris accumulation can result. Excess debris is the primary cause of underdeck failure. With no pooling of water, debris on the panels dries out between showers and floats away during the next rainfall.

We do not direct the flow to narrow channels alongside vaulted panels, nor do we use spreaders for support. These lie in the panels across the direction of flow. Either way there is the possibility of excess debris accumulation. Again, debris accumulation is the primary cause of underdeck failure.

There is no practical limit to the length of Magnolia's panels. Panels of ten feet or longer should be supported by Magnolia's Panel Latches along their length. These latches are designed to release the panels from underneath so the ability to remove an individual panel is not inhibited.

Words of Special Interest to Contractors:

Waterproof underdeck ceilings are recognized as an effective, cost efficient way to enlarge the living and recreation areas of homes. Magnolia Outdoor Living has developed a kit system that will open this profitable home improvement niche for you. Be a part of this rapidly growing market now! You already have the tools, the skills and the people. We have the best Underdeck Kit available. This is an unbeatable combination.

When we developed our system to carry rain away from the space under an elevated deck we had several requirements. The system had to be an effecient use of our time.

Obviously, the system had to work well:The area under an elevated deck must be protected from rainfall. No excuses. Cantilevers and odd angles must be accounted for. Proper drainage must be given to all water carrying surfaces; no leaks or puddles on the topside of the underdeck. Only the most durable and attrative materials could be used.

It must be easy to maintain: We were under no illusion that we could design a maintenance free system, but nobody else was giving maintenance a thought. Nothing in the market allowed the complete removal of an individual aluminum panel for service. We knew that disassembling an entire ceiling for maintenance or repair would end the profitability of our endeavor. All panels must be individually removable.

It must be simple to install: After all, time is money. We needed to eliminate on-site fabrication and trips to the hardware store. When we showed up, everything must be on hand and ready to install. Once these requirements were met, we were satisfied that we had a superior product we could install profitably.

Furthermore, WE HAD A KIT! Any builder can have access to this rapidly growing market. They can offer their customers a reliable, durable and attractive Underdeck Ceiling.

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